About Us



Alagang Magaling is a show that features the practices of various pigeon fanciers in the Philippines. It showcases tips on racing pigeons, from loft design to medication. It also tackles the latest events in the pigeon racing industry.

Moreover, Alagang Magaling displays various exotic animals and other topics about agriculture in the Philippines. Alagang Magaling aims to educate and correct the common misconceptions of Filipino fanciers about raising these animals

The Show is composed of different segments:

Alaga ni Doc- Doc AJ Ferre, a Veterinary, aims to visits lofts and pigeon fanciers around the Philippines to educate fanciers. he then gives advises, preventive analysis, and solutions from every issues that the fanciers encounter in their lofts.

Poultry Supplies/businesses that is connected to the Industry- Alagang Magaling features other businesses and establishments for them to be shown in the show.

Events and Expo’s- The Show also  features  different events and Expo’s regarding to Industry such as World Gamefowl Expo, Pigeon racing Events, Exotic Pets etc.

Face the Fanciers- Different Fanciers are also featured here

Kalapatinuer- Pigeon Fanciers that has been successful into their businesses but still have time to enjoy their Hobbies.

Pigeon Talk This is where the Hosts and The Big Three is having a converstion and also Shows the Aba! Magaling which is showing those who win from the shows contests ” Selfie of the Week”


Others Segments include: